Posted on May 14th, 2021 in General Business

How Canadian Businesses can Avoid Bankruptcy Post-Pandemic

business man standing in front of Toronto Landscape

What will happen to Canadian businesses when the government supports come to an end?  Will those who were already vulnerable find the repayment of debt impossible? How many Canadian businesses will face bankruptcy?

These are very real questions for many businesses right now.  We know that the incentives won’t last forever – but could business owners proactively position themselves now to stay afloat?

There are definitely some steps that can be taken to get over the COVID-19 setbacks.  As a member of the RSM Canada Alliance, we are pleased to share this article that examines the various approaches that Canadian businesses can take to put them in a better financial position for the future when the government subsidies are no longer in effect.

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Article referenced with permission as a member of the RSM Canada Alliance.