Posted on November 17th, 2020 in Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Why do we Procrastinate and Fail to Follow Through on Building a Financial Plan?

The word planning in scrabble blocks with a pencil under it

It is quite common for people to put off financial planning, as something they’ll get to one day in the future.

It is not until we face some sort of financial emergency or urgent situation, that we quickly realize that perhaps we’re not as financially stable as we had thought.

When we look at it rationally, we can see that it makes sense to get control of our money matters and plan for the future, yet we still procrastinate on getting started. Even when people see a professional planner and work with them to develop a plan, they commonly fail to implement it.

Why do we neglect to follow through with our intentions? Read this article, as posted on the Financial Planning for Canadians website, to look at why we procrastinate.  The article examines scientific evidence that sheds light on this failure to act.