HR Organizational Audit

“You don’t know what you don’t know”.

This can be a thought-provoking or overwhelming statement for employers who are tasked with managing the HR function in their organization. You may already know that HR encompasses many key delivery areas in a business, including employee relations, performance management, compensation analysis, policy development, and organizational planning. Understanding what belongs in the HR bucket is a great start, but how do you know where your gaps truly are? Or your strengths?

At DJB, our belief is that “One Size Does Not Fit All” and we make it our priority to spend dedicated time with you throughout this process. The HR Organizational Audit gives us the opportunity to meet with you and review every aspect of the HR operations within your company, look at your current strategies for managing them, and assess the HR resources you currently use.

Following the Audit, you will be provided with a customized report with key action items to set you up for HR success!

The HR Audit is a great first step to:

  • Establish your organization’s compliance with key legislation (lucky for you, we find legislation pretty fun!)
  • Enhance the productivity of your HR function (productivity = $$$)
  • Identify current successes and areas in which you are excelling (who doesn’t love to hear about a win?)
  • Recognize areas where you can improve the overall employee experience (trust us, your employees will love this part).

We’re along with you for the ride – let’s build your HR roadmap together!

Infographic of a road with 3 marks. Green, yellow, and red. Each stop a blurb about HR