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Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Reorganizations, and Business Transition

Some enterprises are looking for opportunities to invest in distressed assets while others are looking to refinance or re-position parts of their business. Entrepreneurs involved in these transactions can benefit from tax advice. To create value, you should move quickly to take advantage of market opportunities but also take time to consider the tax implications — from measuring tax liabilities in the initial due diligence process through structuring of the deal all the way to tax compliance in the post-merger period. Throughout, you should develop a tax-efficient plan that meets your strategic business objectives.

We provide the following services:

  • Business transition (strategic transfer to the next generation)
  • Due diligence and valuations (buy and sell)
  • Mergers & acquisition advisory
  • Owner-manager & executive remuneration and compensation
  • Reorganizations (pre-deal)
  • Review of shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Sale Planning (pre and post-deal)
  • Structuring (pre and post-deal)
  • Succession & estate planning
  • Tax estimates utilizing various options
  • Taxation of deceased taxpayers & post-mortem tax planning

Tax Compliance Services

Tax compliance can often be a daunting task for private companies with frequent changes to tax legislation at the provincial, federal, and international level. We can help make sure that your business is meeting current Canadian and foreign tax requirements.

  • Assistance with other business taxes such as WSIB and EHT.
  • Commodity tax services (GST/HST, PST, RST, QST).
  • Cross-border taxation.
  • Importing and exporting tax compliance.
  • Preparation of Scientific Research & Experimental Development tax (“SR&ED”) claim forms.
  • Tax dispute resolutions, voluntary disclosures, and taxpayer relief requests.
  • Tax preparation services for corporations, individuals, partnerships, trusts, and estates.

Commodity Tax

Commodity tax (often referred to as Indirect Tax; GST/HST, PST) is often overlooked by businesses until the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) knocks on your door and conducts an audit. It is only at that point that companies realize they have been handling their commodity taxes incorrectly. As companies grow, and start to ship to different provinces and internationally, the applicability of commodity taxes becomes more complex. Addressing your commodity tax needs as your business continues to grow is vital to avoid exposing your company to CRA reassessments for uncollected taxes.

We don’t just look for tax credit recovery opportunities, we review your entire system from a commodity tax standpoint to ensure that your business is charging the appropriate rates to your customers within Canada and across the globe. At DJB, our professionals can also assist you and your business with conflict resolution during a CRA audit and the filing of notices of objection. Considering some businesses in Canada pay more in commodity taxes than they do income tax, commodity taxes should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure their accuracy; especially if the jurisdictions you are purchasing from or selling to are changing as your company expands.

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