Posted on April 27th, 2021 in Human Resources Advisory

Increase the Potential of Your People and the Success of Your Business

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In order to excel in today’s economy, organizations require a solid understanding of how to most effectively align their human capital potential to their strategic objectives. Leaders spend their valuable time and energy focusing on their core business and could benefit from guidance on how to best leverage the strengths of their employees.

DJB’s HR Advisory Services is committed to ensuring that our clients’ human resources needs are met by delivering innovative solutions, practical advice and real results.

Our range of professional services include:

  • compensation & benefits
  • employee engagement
  • employee relations
  • executive coaching
  • executive search & talent acquisition
  • health & safety and accommodations
  • human resource toolkit
  • legislated training & compliance
  • organizational development
  • performance management
  • policy development
  • workplace investigations

We take the time to gain an understanding of your business and culture to ensure effective solutions and advice that are properly tailored to your organization’s needs. Our level of partnership with our clients varies from a completely outsourced HR function, to providing a second opinion on an initiative already underway – and everything in between.

COVID-19 Services

We are actively assisting clients with back to work processes. Whether you have employees who are not currently working (layoff or voluntarily), working from home, or who are still actively working in your facilities, all employers are expected to establish new protocols while maintaining productivity, employee engagement, and company culture.

Read our COVID-Related HR Resources:

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