Posted on July 6th, 2021 in Business Valuations

We Have Experienced Advisors with the Necessary Training to Help Assess the Value of Virtually any Business

Business people in a meeting with graphs and financial data on table in discussion

DJB’s Business Valuation Group has the training and experience necessary to assess the value of most businesses. Our team includes fully accredited members of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators/CBV Institute who will work with you to understand and quantify the specific business issues that impact value.

Calculation, Estimate, and Comprehensive Valuation Report options provide three levels of assurance, each fulfilling different reporting requirements. We will work with you to ensure the report is appropriate for your budget and needs.

Valuation reports may be prepared for many situations including the following purposes:

  • Litigation or negotiation
  • Estate, tax, and succession planning
  • Business transition planning
  • Business investments, acquisitions, divestitures
  • Shareholder agreements & disputes
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Internal use and management planning
  • Valuing intangible assets
  • Financial reporting including impairment analysis and purchase price allocations

DJB’s Business Valuation Group professionals are also knowledgeable and experienced in providing services beyond traditional business valuation, including:

    • Adjusted Income Reports – The Federal Child Support Guidelines set out the adjustments to be considered in determining a spouse’s income for child support purposes. Our professionals prepare ‘Adjusted Income Reports’ for this purpose and provide litigation support in the event that the parties are unable to reach an agreement on child and spousal support issues.
    • Collaborative Dispute Settlements – If you choose to take a collaborative approach to resolving your differences, our team members are trained in collaborative practices. Services that we can provide in this area include, asset division, disposition cost reports, industry based research, mediation services, and the calculation of adjusted income.
    • Due Diligence – If you are considering the purchase of a business you may need assistance with determining the quality and sustainability of the earnings stream you are acquiring. Alternatively, if you are considering the sale of your business you may want to ensure that the business is ‘ready for sale’ in order to give you the best chance to maximize the proceeds you receive. Our professionals can work with you to ensure that you don’t pay too much, or sell for too little.

If you would like to learn more about our Business Valuations services, please contact one of our Business Valuation Specialists.