How Do I Correct My GST/HST Return?

Posted on May 12th, 2023 in Commodity Tax (HST), General Business

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It isn’t uncommon that you find an error in your accounting records after you have already filed your GST/HST return.  The CRA has stated policies on its website about how to fix common problems such as forgetting to claim input tax credits (ITC) or correcting your GST/HST collected amount.

Forgotten ITCs

The CRA states that if you forgot to include an ITC, which you were entitled to, you are not to adjust your return. Instead, they require you to include any missed ITCs in your next GST/HST filing.   In most instances, you have up to four years to claim your ITCs.  Other than lost cash flow, you will eventually get to claim the credit you are eligible for.  For more on the time limits for claiming ITCs please refer to CRA’s website.

Correcting a previously filed GST/HST return

If you need to change the amount of GST/HST collected or collectible or make any other change to another line, the CRA states not to file another return. Instead, they ask that you request an adjustment for the reporting period that contains the incorrect or missing amount, indicating:

  • your 9-digit business number;
  • the GST/HST reporting period to be amended; and
  • the corrected or revised amounts for each line number on your GST/HST return

Most changes can be made either through the online service: My Business Account, if you are registered for this service, or by sending a letter to your tax centre.    You will need to send a letter to your tax centre following the guidelines above.  Find your tax centre.

If you had significant errors on your return, especially unreported amounts, you may want to consider filing any adjustments through the CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program, which you can find more information.

If you are having issues getting the correct information from your accounting software, or have noticed prior errors in your GST/HST filings, we would be pleased to help correct these returns, in addition to implementing an appropriate reporting system for you and your company.

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