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The post-pandemic evolution of office and multifamily real estateDecember 19th, 2022

(authored by RSM CANADA) Pandemic protocols such as remote work continue to redefine the future of residential and office space.
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Navigating workforce challenges: What drives employee satisfaction and retention?December 14th, 2022

(authored by RSM CANADA) A new RSM survey illustrates the impressions workers have of their employers and the strategies that can attract or retain them moving forward.
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Post Pandemic New Hybrid-work Era and Related Tax ConsiderationsAugust 11th, 2022

(authored by RSM CANADA) The pandemic has led to an increase in remote work. This article discusses the tax considerations and pitfalls of implementing a hybrid-work model in order to adapt to an evolving global workforce.
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Bill 88: Working for Workers ActMay 16th, 2022

Balancing privacy and surveillance: What you need to know about Electronic Monitoring Policy requirements The Ontario government has recently passed new legislation, Bill 88: Working for Workers...
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Bill 27: Working for Workers Act
Policy on Disconnecting from Work
April 11th, 2022

The Government of Ontario passed Bill 27: Working for Workers Act on December 2, 2021. The legislation includes among other things, the requirement that Ontario...
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Creating a Respectful (And Compliant!) WorkplaceFebruary 16th, 2022

Few people would disagree that every workplace should be free from violence and harassment of any kind. Everyone should be able to work in a...
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Ontario’s Ever-changing Pandemic LandscapeSeptember 24th, 2021

As employers are continuing to surf through the fourth wave, it is so important to keep updated on how COVID-19 legislation impacts your business and...
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Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL) Extended AgainSeptember 20th, 2021

The Ontario Government has once again extended the COVID-19 period to cover any employee who has been temporarily laid off or working with reduced wages...
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Paid Infectious Disease Emergency Leave: COVID-19 Putting Workers First ActMay 4th, 2021

The Government of Ontario passed Bill 284, the COVID-19 Putting Workers First Act. This Bill amends the Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) to provide both paid...
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Increase the Potential of Your People and the Success of Your BusinessApril 27th, 2021

In order to excel in today’s economy, organizations require a solid understanding of how to most effectively align their human capital potential to their strategic...
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