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Welcome to National Financial Planning Week!

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Financial Planning Week first launched in 2009 and has become a vital component of Financial Literacy Month (celebrated in the month of November). We participate in this annual campaign to help raise awareness and promote the benefits of financial planning with a professional planner.

Studies have shown that Canadians who have created financial plans feel they are saving more, living well, and experiencing higher levels of overall contentment in their lives.

Throughout this week, we will be sharing a number of financial planning articles (starting with the infographic below). We encourage you to take the time to review them, as we believe that these articles are timely, informative, and beneficial to ensuring your financial success.

It is our hope that you will share these articles with your family and friends, so that they can start preparing financially, living well, and experiencing higher levels of overall contentment in their lives also.

If you come across something and you’d like to discuss it further, please reach out to any member of the DJB Wealth Management team. We are honoured to be of service to you.

For a printable version: Monthly Financial Planning Tips

Helpful Financial Planning Articles:


Infographic (words "purpose", "commitment", "discipline" and "communication

Inheritance Planning

John and Mary have worked hard throughout their lives to build a successful business. Each of their three children have worked in the business in different capacities over the years, but they’ve followed their own interests, which have lead them away from the family business. John’s plan was always to keep the business in the family, passing it on to one of his children when they were ready.

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The Best Time to Invest

Is now a good time to invest in the market, or should I be selling? Whether the stock markets are up or down, people always wonder if it’s a good time to buy or sell. I’ve had clients ask this question at every stage of the market and my answer is always the same, “We can’t accurately predict where the market is going to be tomorrow, so why try?” One thing that statistics have proven is that markets go up and markets go down, but they tend to go up over the long term.

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Impact of Inflation on Financial Planning

There has been a great deal of discussion recently regarding inflation and whether it will continue to climb or retract in the near future. While some economists believe our current increasing inflationary trend is temporary due to the pent up demand created during the pandemic and businesses now opening back up, other economists believe we are on a trajectory of higher inflation for the next several years. Only time will tell which predictions are correct, but we can take steps to prepare for the possibility of increasing inflation.

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Sailing into Your Future with a Financial Plan

I often explain financial planning as being similar to that of planning a yacht journey. Whether you are planning a sailboat trip to your favourite island or your financial future, the planning process is alike. With financial planning, similar to yachting, if you don’t have the necessary experience, you will need to hire a professional that you trust, have confidence in, and believe in their ability to help you accomplish your goals. Once you’ve hired your Financial Planner, ie. Navigator, it’s time to hire a competent, experienced, trusted crew. A financial planning crew may include an Accountant, Lawyer, Banker, Portfolio Manager, Insurance Specialist, Trust Officer… and depending on your circumstances, you may need to bring on other crew members in the future.

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