Great Reasons to Join Our Team

Read the many great reasons for you to join our team today.

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People and culture are what defines us — it’s  #theDJBdifference. DJB is leading the way for accounting firms with progressive, people-first policies and innovative programs to attract and retain amazing talent.

We believe that with a great workplace culture, people feel empowered and inspired. At DJB, we aim to provide a workplace that feels like home, where your colleagues listen, having fun is second nature, and everyone supports each other and grows together. Part of what makes us great is by having a diverse and inclusive work environment, along with many other practices and reasons which you’re about to discover. DJB operates under the belief that we are big enough to know but small enough to care. That part of our culture is evident in every office at every level.

DJB has been recognized as one of Hamilton-Niagara’s Top Employers for three years (2020, 2022, and 2023), and has also been named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Small & Medium Employers in 2022 and 2023.

Below are some great reasons for you to become a part of the DJB family:

1. Find Balance

At DJB, finding a balance between personal lives and work is rarely an issue with our expansive flex-time and flexible work policies. Our flexible policies give our employees control over how they spend their time and accommodate for plenty of rest and freedom. These include:

  • Equitable vacation allowances,
  • Flex-time agreements,
  • Summer half-days,
  • Holiday office closures,
  • Flexible work from home arrangements, and more!

We are a family-friendly workplace, offering great benefits like Maternity Leave Top-up and Parental Leave. We also offer flexible hours and work arrangements to suit your childcare needs. DJB is accommodating of altered work hours, split workdays, and reduced hours where needed, and plans to continue to support these needs going forward.

2. Competitive Compensation & Benefits

DJB conducts annual salary reviews using external resources to ensure our salary ranges for each role remains competitive and current with today’s market. We revisit salary discussions with our employees annually to ensure authentic communication and transparency.

We offer great health & dental benefits (with no premiums) that are reviewed annually, pension plan for a portion of our staff, as well as an Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP which helps to support mental health and wellness through both self-serve and one-on-one counseling options).

In addition to ensuring our compensation is competitive, DJB has implemented our own unique programs to engage and reward employees for being an integral part of our business process, including employee and client referral bonuses, discounts at corporate retailers, and perks through RSM Canada Alliance, and Beneplace.

3. Fully Supported Learning

DJB understands the importance of the learning and development of our wide range of employees. As a member of the RSM Canada Alliance, we have access to a number of training programs ranging from accounting to any other functional area within an organization. We also provide a Firmwide PD developed in-house throughout the year for staff requiring CPD credits to uphold their designations. For those working towards a designation, DJB will provide financial support for CPA students, including paid study leaves. DJB also employs a full-time Director of Learning & Development whose primary goal is to address the learning needs of our staff and aid in the growth of our knowledge and skills.

In addition to supporting our staff, we aim to support future professionals as well, focusing on providing carefully curated resources to new students to ensure they have all the tools they require in order to succeed. Over the years, we have seen many of our co-op students transfer to full-time staff, to management, and eventually even become Partners at our Firm.

4. A Formal Coaching Program

Every DJB employee is paired with a seasoned coach upon joining the Firm. The coach’s role is to support employee growth and development at all stages of the career path.  DJB’s coaches are trained in-house on a collaborative, non-directive, tailored approach to the relationship.

Coaches support employees to map out and set goals to achieve their career goals. This is supported by a fully developed career pathing process, which maps short-term and long-term benchmarks and provides targeted training to support skills development at key times in an employee’s career. The DJB career path maps the route an employee takes from an entry-level position through successive roles to arrive at their ultimate desired position.

5. Culture, Culture, Culture.

Fostering a fun environment can make the work day so much more rewarding. We encourage camaraderie with fellow colleagues by offering kitchens that can accommodate social interaction (Wii, free coffee, tea, lots of tables, other casual seats for conversations etc.) and open-concept office spaces. We host a number of social events throughout the year that include our holiday party, end-of-tax season celebration, summer soirée, and other celebratory events (Halloween, Easter, etc.).

It doesn’t stop there! Here are even more great reasons to join DJB:

  • DJB’s Wellness Committee, which focuses on all facets of employee wellness, providing staff with ways to relax, be active, socialize, manage stress, and more!
  • Our Employee Assistance Program, a resource available to you at all times, confidentially, to provide help where you need it.
  • Dress for Your Day Policy, because nobody likes to dress up every single day. Client meeting? Dress up your day. Desk day? You’re welcome to wear jeans.
  • A discount on DJB merch at our swag shop, giving you the ability to provide support for our Firm and celebrate the workplace.
  • Convenient locations, with all of our offices located just outside the city’s downtown core with free parking and accessible public transit.
  • Community Commitment, bringing passions forward so that we can share in support of community and philanthropic initiatives. Check out our community page to learn more.
  • Employee Referral Program, where you’re rewarded for helping us shape our culture and find successful candidates to fill open positions.
  • Recognition, believing that each employee makes a difference and deserves to be recognized. We recognize new team members, promotions, life celebrations, birthdays, and service awards in our bi-annual publication entitled ‘Care to Know’.
  • Get Caught exhibiting our firm’s values by colleagues and be rewarded by our Firm.
  • Discounted tickets to social events and activities outside of work through our partnerships.
  • Lots of free food always coming through our doors.
  • And many, many more!