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Minority Shareholdings – Does a
Minority Discount Apply?
November 27th, 2023

Who are minority shareholders? A minority shareholder is any shareholder who does not own a controlling interest in a public or privately-held company. What is...
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How Should Redundant Assets be Treated in a Business Valuation?July 18th, 2023

Assets owned by an operating company can be divided into three broad categories in a business valuation: In a business valuation, tangible assets, goodwill, and...
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Work in Process (WIP) Valuation StrategiesJuly 6th, 2023

In many industries – and especially in construction – the method by which a company chooses to value its work in process and consequently recognize...
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Role of an ExpertJanuary 17th, 2023

When a dispute or litigation arises the people involved will often need to seek the advice of several professionals. While their lawyers will often act...
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Working Capital in Business TransactionsDecember 16th, 2022

Defining Working Capital “Working capital” is the capital of a business which is used to fund day-to-day operations and meet shortterm obligations. In its most...
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Considerations When Preparing Guideline Public Company Multiples for a Private BusinessNovember 23rd, 2022

Among the approaches or methodologies employed by business valuators to determine the value of a business or equity interest is the market approach. The market...
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“Special Purchasers” and Their Impact on Fair Market ValueJune 24th, 2022

There are many instances when a formal business valuation is required regarding the fair market value of a business without exposing it for sale to...
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Understanding “Enterprise Value”
and “Equity Value”
June 15th, 2022

When business owners discuss valuations, they sometimes use the term “price.” However, there is an important distinction in business valuations between “value” and “price.” In...
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Thinking of Selling Your Business: What to Expect and WhenNovember 5th, 2021

Many business owners are asking about and considering what steps are needed to sell their businesses and get the best price. Over the past two...
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Debunking Four of the Most Common Misconceptions About Business ValuationsJuly 12th, 2021

When a business owner retains the services of a business valuator, they often enter the process with several misconceptions about the nature of business valuations...
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