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Managed services can deliver results for businessesNovember 30th, 2023

Effectively utilizing managed services is becoming a critical success factor for companies of all sizes and in all industries. Often times, a board might recommend...
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Charitable Status
October 20th, 2023

In some situations, a registered charity may be asked to receive donations on behalf of another organization or cause. While this may seem like a...
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Operating Costs: Ways Companies Can Reduce the ExpensesOctober 11th, 2023

Organizations can fulfill their needs and position themselves for success while keeping operating expenses low by outsourcing non-core functions such as information technology, human resources, and financial accounting. In...
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Charitable Gifting of SecuritiesJuly 12th, 2023

According to Statistics Canada, Canadians donate $10.6 billion annually to charitable and non-profit organizations for altruistic reasons.  While most of this is in the form...
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Changes to the Disbursement Quota Rules for CharitiesMarch 22nd, 2023

On December 15, 2022, Bill C-32, Fall Economic Statement Implementation Act, 2022, received Royal Assent. As a result, there have been changes to the Disbursement...
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4 Ways Nonprofits Can Drive Mission ImpactNovember 23rd, 2022

(authored by RSM CANADA) Learn four key strategies that can help nonprofit organizations enhance their effectiveness and increase their mission impact.
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5 signs your nonprofit needs to update its business processesAugust 16th, 2022

(authored by RSM CANADA) Modernizing business processes has never been more crucial for mission-driven organizations. Key indicators let nonprofits know it may be time to upgrade their technology.
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Increasing a nonprofit’s impact through operational efficiencyJuly 14th, 2022

(authored by RSM CANADA) Nonprofit organizations often have lean operational budgets. They want to put as much of their resources as possible into fulfilling important missions. But a nonprofit that struggles with its operations will soon find itself with limited mission impact as well.
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The Advantages and Pitfalls of Donation Receipting for CharitiesJuly 13th, 2022

One of the greatest benefits of a not for profit organization being categorized as a registered charity is its ability to issue official donation receipts. ...
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Do We Need an Audit? An Overview of Not-for-Profit Organizations and Their Financial Statement RequirementsFebruary 15th, 2022

There have been a number of changes in recent years to modernize the laws governing corporations without share capital. These corporations were previously governed by...
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